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Things Unwritten

A Writing Fic Exchange

An Original Fic Exchange
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An Original Fic Exchange
The Explanation
Welcome to Things Unwritten! This is a fic exchange community - but not for any fandom, no! This is an original fic exchange community. In this fic exchange, there will be only original fic written.

The Third Round Sign-Ups are open! Please read this post and sign up!

A fic exchange is this: Participants are set to write a fic for one another. Each participant writes out what they want in their fic, what they are willing to write and the moderator matches them up to each other. Then they all write a fic, and at the end of the event, they are allowed to post their fics and see the fic that was written specially for them.

flyingcarpet has written an excellent guide to fic exchanges. You can use this for reference, if you want.

1. Be kind. No flames. In general, at least try to be well behaved. If there are flames or fights, the mods will warn those causing trouble, and if it gets too bad, the mods might just ban those responsible for the problems. Please, we're here to have fun.

2. Along the same lines of rule number one: constructive feedback for the fics is encouraged. It is not required, but it is encouraged. Please be thoughtful when giving it.

3. If you sign up for this, please follow through. The mods can arrange pinch-hitters, but really now. Please make sure you can do what you agree to do. If you have a problem, however, let the mods know. That way something can be worked out.

4. All fics written must have a minimum of 1,000 words. There is no maximum word count. Also, the fics must be complete. It's alright if they're chaptered, but they must be complete.

5. Kindly spell-check your fics, and make sure they're readable. We do not require betas, but they are encouraged. (Ask the mods for help finding a beta, if it comes to that.)

6. After the event, feel free to post your fic anywhere. It is your work, after all. However, before the event is over, please refrain from sharing it elsewhere. We would like the bit where we share the fics to be fun and surprising for all.

7. The original fics are NOT to be stolen. When you post your fic, it is up to you if you want to f-lock it, but it is encouraged.

8. Have fun!

Past Rounds / Moderators / Other
The First Round

Began: Januray 19, 2008.
Ended: February 29, 2008.

There were ten stories posted.

The Second Round

Began: July 10, 2008.
Ended: August 31, 2008.

There were fourteen stories posted.

The Third Round

Began: September 20, 2008.
Ended: November 8, 2008.

There were six stories posted.

When there are more than three rounds, this section will be moved to a post and linked to from here.

The Round-Up Post. In other words, the archive for all of the fics. Click here to read all of the stories.


zekkass has taken over for cosmicwaffles. She does almost all of the duties. Status: Main Mod.
cosmicwaffles founded the fic exchange. Status: Founder and when-she-can helper Mod. She has stepped down as Main Mod.


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Other Items of Interest.

To become an affiliate, contact a mod. Any other concerns should be sent to a mod, or placed on the suggestions post, which is always posted at the end of a challenge.

There is also the FAQ post!

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